67 Brigade Royal Field Artillery

211 Field Battery, Royal Field Artillery (RFA) was formed in August 1914 and was assigned to 67 Bde, RFA along with 212 and 213 Btys. The Brigade was assigned to 13 Western Division, a part of General Kitchener's First New Army assembling on Salisbury Plain, before moving to Blackdown in Hampshire. In February 1915, 211 Bty was designated as 'A' Bty, 67 Bde RFA. It moved to Egypt where it provided field replacements for 217 Battery fighting at Gallipoli. 67 Brigade RFA joined 10th (Irish) Division on 17 Oct 1915. Formed in Ireland in August 1914 as part of the First New Army. 10th (Irish) Division served in Gallipoli, Macedonia and Palestine. The Division remained in Palestine until the Armistice (31 October 1918).

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