Barnsley - Absent Voters List 1918

Barnsley is very lucky that two books listing the Absent Voters recorded for the 1918 Election survive in Barnsley Archives. These were men who were expected to be away from home at the the time of the election. Service numbers and regiments (or ships) are usually included. This is a huge amount of information 6127 names, also including just four women. The List has been transcribed by volunteers from the Barnsley War Memorials Project. As the list was compiled in late 1917, early 1918 some men listed were subsequently killed, wounded or taken prisoner. One of the books contains hand-written notes to this effect, not included in the transcription, but available on request. Each Parish and Polling District has been transcribed separately and can be downloaded from the website. ----- ----- A hard copy has been printed and is available on the open shelves of Barnsley Archives where the original documents can be called up if required. If you are having trouble adding information to men in this Community on Lives of the First World War I would be happy to help. ----- Linda Hutton IWM Volunteer

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