Nottingham Officer Training Corps

This is a Community to collect stories of the men who started their military training in the Nottingham OTC. The origins of the Officer Training Corps can be traced generally in the growing militarisation of early twentieth century British public discourse, and more specifically to the decision by Lord Haldane, the Secretary of State for War, in 1906 to appoint a committee to look into the problems caused by shortages of officers in the military reserve, namely the militia, the Volunteer Force, the Yeomanry, and the Reserve of Officers. The committee recommended the formation of what became known as the OTC with a senior division in the universities, and a junior division, now the Combined Cadet Force, in public schools. The intention behind the OTC was to provide basic military training for young men who would become officers in the Special Reserve of the Territorial Force. All male students were eligible to volunteer. They enrolled in the O.T.C. as cadets and undertook theoretical and practical military training alongside their college studies. The training involved instructional parades, exercises and field operations, musketry, annual training at camp, lessons in tactics, map reading and military engineering.

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