HMS Warrior at the Battle of Jutland

[official report ] At least three, and probably four, heavy ships were firing at " Warrior " and " Defence " from 6.5 p.m. till 6.40 p.m. "Warrior" was holed at least fifteen times by 11-in. to 14:-in. calibre guns, and about six times by 6-in. or 4-in. ; one of the latter hit the fore turret early in the action doing very little damage. " Warrior " was being hit by 6-in. or 4-in. projectiles before the enemy light cruisers were within range of her guns. At the time " Warrior " was close to " Warspite " the enemy vessels were no longer visible, but only the flashes of their guns, while " Warspite " and " Warrior " were receiving very heavy fire. There were 100 casualties, 19 of these were in the engine room, and most of the remainder on the main deck.

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