HMS Garland at the Battle of Jutland

An Acasta-class Destroyer of the 4th Flotilla, Garland was engaged in the night battle at Jutland when the German High Seas Fleet passed astern of the Grand Fleet. In the ensuing dark confusion, Garland became separated from the rest of the Flotilla. In the CO's words (official despatch 2.25am 1 June): "As there was now no possibility of finding rest of Flotilla, I shaped course for Tyne, with "Contest", and later searched for and found "Porpoise", both of whom I escorted to the Tyne. With the exception of one boat which was hit by a 6-in shell, no damage was sustained and no casualties." This Community aims to include all who served in HMS Garland at Jutland. To share, or request, information, please email: gerrycostellofww[at]

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