HMS Shark at the Battle of Jutland

HMS Shark was an Acasta-class Destroyer of the 4th Flotilla which was sunk during the Battle of Jutland.  Shark was one of a group of four destroyers (with HMS Acasta, HMS Ophelia, and HMS Christopher) assigned to screen the 3rd Battlecruiser Squadron. In the early part of the Battle at about 6pm on the 31 May, Shark led a torpedo attack on the German 2nd Scouting Group, but was disabled by enemy gunfire and was later sunk after valiant resistance led by Commander Loftus Jones VC. Although a number of the crew took to the liferafts after the engagement, only 6 ultimately survived out of a ships company of 92. This community includes all those who served in HMS Shark at Jutland. To share, or request, information, please email: gerrycostellofww[at]

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