Berkhamsted School OTC Officers gazetted 4 Aug 1914 to Mar 1915

'The OTC and the Great War' by Captain Alan R Haig-Brown was published by Country Life in 1915. Appendix A lists details of all the OTC contingents at Universities and Public Schools. The details for Berkhamsted School OTC contingent were provided by Major J Parsons who had commanded it since its foundation as a Cadet Force in 1891. 29 former cadets had been gazetted as officers before the war. 122 were gazetted from 4 Aug 1914 until March 1915 and 86 more were serving in the ranks. The author points out that none of the list of names was entirely complete at the time of going to press. Appendix B is an alphabetical list of 16,000 of these names. By searching for "Berkhamsted" 112 names were found giving the regiment into which they were gazetted, and in some case including details of where they served in a university or the Inns of Court OTC. Appendix C is a list of the OTC contingents recording those men already dead by the date of going to press.

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