HMT Verdala Sept 1915 British West Indies Regiment

Remembering the first draft (approx 900) of the 1st Contingent who sailed from Trindad/Guyana/Barbados on HMT Verdala on 18/19/20 September 1915 including men from Antigua, Barbados, Guyana, Grenada, St. Vincent, and Trinidad. Between October 1915 and March 1916, Seaford was used as a training camp for the men from the West Indies in preparation for fighting in Europe. Withnoe camp, Whitsand Bay, Plymouth was also an arrival camp. The new arrivals were inadequately clothed for the harsh realities of the British cold in winter and the huts badly insulated. As a result the camps became rife with diseases and men lost their lives totally unnecessarily. For those who died extra information has been collected from the Soldiers' Effects records, but for lots of these men there are only medal records because they managed to survive; (the medal rolls are however split by island and show their original battalion). So they sailed from home, served in the war and sailed home again. Please add family histories if you can and spread the word to others so that they can be commemorated properly. ==== BWIR service numbers to 1014.

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