4th Battalion Hampshire Regiment

During WW1 the 4th Hants were split into the 1st/4th and 2nd 4th. Many Yateley men served in each. This terroritorial battalion was formed on 1st April 1908 as a result of the Haldane Reforms. Warren's Winchester Directory 1914 reported that on 1st October 1913 its strength was 31 officers and 820 other ranks and that 683 had attended that year's summer camp. The battalion was formed of 8 companies of which A and B Companies were in Winchester. The outlying companies were based in Andover, Alton and Aldershot, Botley, Basingstoke and Yateley. F Company was based at the Drill Hall in Yateley. Before the war in 1914 the Honorary Colonel was Sir Thomas Sturmy Cave of Kilmont, Woking, Surrey, who had joined The Yateley Volunteers in the early 1860s. The Lieutenant Colonel was Geoffrey Holt Stilwell of Windlesham, Surrey, brought up at Hilfield, Yateley. Holt Stilwell's two younger brothers were each destined to become Lieutenant Colonels commanding the two halves of the 4th Hants in WW1

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