Barnsley - Men who fell in the Arras Offensive 1917

The Arras Offensive, between Vimy Ridge on 9th April and Oppy Wood at the end of June 1917, began well but soon bogged down into the now familiar attritional slog. [ref:] Around 295 Barnsley connected men died in France between these dates, notably 55 on 3rd May in the 3rd Battle of the Scarpe. Of these 131 have no known grave and are remembered on the Arras Memorial. Seven Barnsley men were killed fighting with the Canadian forces. -------- It is generally very difficult to pinpoint in which battle 'other ranks' sustained their wounds and of course many died of these weeks and months later, however all Barnsley men and women who served in WW1 will eventually be remembered in the main Community here ---- ------- Initial data provided by the Barnsley War Memorials Project ----------- Newspaper pictures with thanks to Barnsley Archives ------ If you would like assistance or advice adding information to men in this Community on Lives of the First World War I would be happy to help. ----- Linda Hutton IWM Volunteer

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