Netley Military Cemetery

Casualties buried in Netley Military Cemetery, Hampshire. The cemetery served the Royal Victoria Hospital that was close to it. The foundation stone of the hospital was laid on 19th May 1856 by Queen Victoria and was designed by Mr Mennie and the contract for the building was given to Mr George Myers of Lambeth. The building was to be upwards of 480 yards long and was 3 storeys high. It had 138 wards and was capable of handling up to 1000 patients. Many passed through its doors, but some remained behind, buried in the military cemetery that these casualties are from. CWGC lists 714 casualties, I did not find records for +/- 104 and there are 534 in this community. I did not include German POW's or Belgian graves that are on the list. I may have omitted some by mistake too and for that. I apologise. One day I may recheck what has been posted, maybe I will be able to increase the size of the community. More information on the hospital may be found at

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