HMT Briton Mar 1917 British West Indies Regiment (Jamaica)

Remembering the 6th Battalion (5th Jamaica War Contingent - 36 officers, 1656 men) of the British West Indies Regiment who sailed from Jamaica on 30 March 1917 arriving in Brest on 19 April 1917. All of the men were volunteers. An outbreak of measles and broncho-pneumonia caused some of the serious cases to be landed on the islands of Martinique and St. Lucia. 11 of these men died and were buried in Choc Bay War Cemetery, whilst 12 men recovered and were collected when the 8th Battalion sailed on HMT Magdalena in July 1917. 1 officer and 10 other ranks died during the voyage or shortly after arrival in France. At the end of April the whole battalion was put into isolation owing to an outbreak of mumps. For those who died extra information has been collected from the Soldiers' Effects records, but for lots of these men there are only medal records because they managed to survive; (the medal rolls are however split by island and show their original battalion). So they sailed from home, served in the war and then sailed home again. Please add family histories if you can and spread the word to others so that they can be commemorated properly.

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