Little Gaddesden, Ringshall and Hudnall

To remember those from Little Gaddesden, Ringshall and Hudnall who served in the First World War. It is based on the restored Roll of Honour which hangs in St Peter & St Paul’s Church, Little Gaddesden and names 119 men who “answered their country’s call in defence of a Scrap of Paper”. The Roll lists the Regiment for all but six men, though not always the one in which they completed their service. Some were men from village families, attended the village school, were founder members of the Boy Scouts or taught in Sunday School. Some came for work or upon marriage and some were servants of Lord and Lady Brownlow at Ashridge. For a few, no village link has yet been found. All will be included where there is sufficient information to link them to one military record. However, the Roll does not give a complete picture: the pre-Second World War left hand panel of the War Memorial on the Village Green was inscribed. “This memorial is erected in honour of the one hundred and thirty six men who went from the villages of Little Gaddesden, Hudnall and Ringshall and served in the War of 1914 - 1918. The names of those who gave their lives for their country are cut on the stones here. The names of those who returned to England are preserved in the church.” So who are the missing 17 men? Records now available allow at least some of them to be included here too.

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