Falkland Islands Volunteers

Can we find the 36 people who Volunteered during WWI? Just looking on here I can see 2. - During the First World War (WWI) the Colony of the Falkland Islands was placed on a war footing and the Falkland Islands Volunteers were mobilised for service in military outposts positioned around Stanley. On 1 December, eight Volunteers lost their lives in the Canache while on active service. The men drowned when their boat overturned. On 8th December, the smoke of a German fleet was spotted by one of the outposts, and subsequently the outpost on Sappers Hill provided valuable information on the movement of the vessels. The end result was the resounding victory of the Battle of the Falklands. This event is commemorated each year by a parade that is held at the WWI Memorial on the seafront of Stanley. During WWI, 36 Falkland Islanders (many of them members of the FI Volunteers), enrolled with His Majesty's Forces. Ten lost their lives during service overseas. During this period the local government also invested heavily in the Force. The Military estimate for 1915 totalled £10,000, this being the highest expenditure on any one government department in that year. 1919 In 1919, the FI Volunteers was ordered to stand down from active service and resume a peace-time training routine. Later that year the name of the force was changed to the Falkland Islands Defence Force (FIDF). www.fig.gov.fk/fidf/index.php/history-of-the-fidf

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