The ‘Clan’: the fathers, sons, brothers and cousins of the Armitage, Rigby and Carver families. ’

John Rigby, was the business founding partner and brother in law of William Armitage. Armitage & Rigby Ltd became one of cottonopolis’s most successful cotton manufacturing and merchant business with large mills and warehouses in Manchester, Stockport, and Warrington. Through the marriage of William’s daughter, Kate, to William Oswald Carver strong family bonds were established with another eminent wealthy cotton manufacturer. The Carver’s owned mills in Manchester and for over 100 years were the main employer and significant benefactor in the town of Marple.The diaries of William Armitage held in the Manchester City archives reveal how he described this extensive family as ‘The Clan’ when they attended New Year gatherings at his house in Altrincham.

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