Information for Heritage Organisations

Contributing records

If you represent a heritage organisation and have items or documents you would like to contribute, you can link records and add information directly to Life Story pages. Individuals who had connections with each other can also be grouped together into Communities, whether they were staff at a large country house or players for a village cricket team. 

If you subscribe and become a Friend of Lives of the First World War, you will be able to establish a Community for the group you are researching.


Engagement for museums

Lives of the First World War is a digital project, and so is available anywhere with an internet connection. We welcome organisations and galleries encouraging their visitors to engage with the project. If you would like more resources relating to this, or on hosting an event to support Lives of the First World War, please get in touch.


The First World War Centenary Partnership

We recommend that any organisations or institutions involved in First World War centenary projects join the First World War Centenary Partnership. The First World War Centenary Partnership is a proactive network of not for profit, public-funded and educational organisations. The partnership currently has around 4,000 members nationally and internationally. Partners can access a variety of free resources from IWM to help them with their own centenary programme and to link with other activities in their locality or area of interest.

If you have any more questions about how as a heritage organisation you can support or work with lives of the First World War, please contact us.