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Looks like we haven’t been able to find your desired Life Story. This might be because the person you’re interested in isn’t listed yet, or it might be because they haven’t shown up in your search (see below for tips to improve your results).

Remember, this is just the beginning and we’ll be adding further Life Stories throughout the Centenary. To keep up to date, visit our Record Sets page.

Here are 4 tips to help with your search:

  1. Service Number: if you have it, searching by just service number and surname tends to be the most successful approach to finding a Life Story.
  2. Searching by initials: especially with the Medal Index Cards, service personnel are often documented by their initials rather than first and/or middle name.
  3. Other Life Stories you can Remember: There are some great examples of Life Stories on our home page showing how servicemen and woman around the world contributed in their own amazing ways.
  4. Might their name have been differently spelled or transcribed? You can use wildcards as follows: Searching for “Re?d” would give results for “Reed”, “Read”, “Reid". Searching for “T*y” would give results for “Tommy”, “Tammy”, “Timmy”, “Toby”.

For other tips on finding a Life Story, please read our guide.

  • Start with only a surname, e.g. “Tickle“
  • Try a service number if known, e.g. “13510” or “Tickle 13510”
  • Try a first name or initial (without middle names), e.g. “William Tickle” or “W Tickle”
  • Use ‘*’ wildcard to match variations, e.g. “W* Tickle” matches “Will,” “William” or “Walter” or “*13510” matches “T/13510” or “S13510”
  • Use the filters on the left to choose their service, surname or regiment. e.g. “Tickle” (in the Labour Corps)


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