Timeline Guide

What is Timeline?

A Timeline displays, in date order, the key facts that have been added to a Life Story. You can see at a glance what information has already been added, as well as the gaps that still need filling in.

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Starting with Timeline

You can include the following pieces of information on a Timeline, as long as they been dated

  • Their date of Birth 
  • Their date of Death 
  • Their Address information 
  • Their military Unit & Rank 
  • A story about their life

Not only can you add facts to Timeline, you can also add an image that illustrates each fact…

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Illustrating a Timeline fact

Once you’ve added a fact and dated it, it will appear on the Timeline. You can improve the fact on the timeline, by providing an image that illustrates it. For example: a photo of your ancestor in uniform, or a photo of their unit, for military Unit & Rank; their Birth Certificate for Birth; their gravestone, or a their war memorial, for Death; their home for Address.

Simply click the camera icon on a Timeline fact to upload an image.

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Navigating a Life Story

A Life Story is split up into its constituent parts: Timeline, Facts, Evidence, Stories, Images & Communities. 

The place to add Images, Stories and Evidence is via the “Add to Life Story” button. 

To add facts, simply visit the Evidence tab and choose the piece of evidence that proves the fact you wish to add. Evidence can be: images you’ve uploaded; website links or book references you’ve added as an external reference; or one of our official genealogy records

Remember, if a fact can be included on the Timeline (see list above) it must be dated to appear.

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